Tuesday, January 03, 2006

what about kiki in the new year?

Every year that we've passed into the new year (rather than passing out into the new year) with Jeff and Aline, which is to say last year on New Year's Day, they led us in a Buddhist prayer, which includes the words "ki ki so so...[words I can't remember]." It's a prayer for times of renewal and change, making it perfect for the new year. Last year we sat gathered around the chiminea (sp?), talking all morning, catching up on the past year, before this prayer. This year, however, wasn't as warm as last (which was the warmest on record in DC), and Holly was a little under the weather, so we stayed inside for our catching up, and never got around to "ki ki" the prayer, although Kiki the dog (Jeff & Aline's) was around all morning. Before we left, Aline did say that they would be saying "ki ki" to honor the expectant mothers and the changing of the prayer flags.

Nevertheless, we left feeling, as always renewed and changed for the better for the too brief time we spent with everyone.

We felt even more renewed after our five hour nap when we got home.

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