Thursday, November 16, 2006

Natty Bumbo

In his new seat, 3B feels almost as grown up
as the original (sort of) Natty Bumpo.

3B just got this early Hanukkah gift--a Bumbo seat. You think he likes it?

We also just got the Ergo Carrier that we ordered, which comes with a DVD that looks like it was designed by Uli from Project Runway, with its teal and turquoise and Bondi blue and gold sparkles, and directed by Christopher Guest. I've only worn it briefly, but it's so comfortable, I think that I might use it to carry Barky on walks. Really, it's that good. And really, at almost 18 pounds at 15 weeks, 3B weighs almost as much as Barky.

And, according to the scenes shown on the DVD, it's great for doing all kinds of things with your baby strapped to your ass--uh--back:
  • dancing in the surf
  • long, barefoot walks on the beach
  • standing under waterfalls
  • practicing spinning hook kicks in your kitchen
  • going to the local co-op with your crocheted hemp bag to buy organic, hand-pressed tofu
  • dressing up like a druid and roaming the earth like Caine from Kung Fu (whoever designed that shapeless blob of cloth should be pelted with pincushions hurled by Tim Gunn)
Even if the Ergo Carrier sucked, I would still tell you to get it, just to see the DVD, but it's such a comfortable, easy-to-use carrier, you should get it and consider the DVD a bonus entertainment feature.

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  1. How much do I love that you referenced both ULI AND Bumbo in one post?!

  2. I think a crocheted hemp papoose coat would be more attractive than those grey blobs. I can see the utility in having something to cover the baby in the rain, but why grey microfleece??? So when you're out taking baby for a walk in the rain you can blend in perfectly with the pavement?

  3. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Wow. That video was something else. I feel all wasp-y now after seeing that. And to think I've lived this long without a druid coat. Huh.

    Okay, so you'll have to let me know how you like it in the long run. I need longevity here, cuz I'm in love with the baby bjorn but your dear sweet Ergo people say facing outwards is bad, bad! and I feel that it's good. But what the hell do I know. Soooo, keep me posted and tell me if 3B turns out okay by being carted around in that thing.

    And the bumbo? A gift from the Heavens. Got one for my neice and she only just got out of it at 8 months old because her thighs were too fat:-) Glad the little man is diggin' his.