Monday, September 24, 2007

Entropy Blizzard

I would ride 100 miles just to be the man who fell down at your door
Knowing that we're going to be tired after we ride our century, we're going to spend a week on Grammy's farm in Vermont to recover and visit. Yesterday, we rode our last long training ride--56 miles from Reston to Purcellville on the W&OD trail, which was lovely and easier than either of us thought. Today, however, we're both tired. I'm thinking that if we're twice as tired after 100 miles as we are after yesterday's ride, when we're in Vermont, we might not wake up until it's time to come back home. Or until Grammy bakes some cookies.

Simplicity doesn't have to mean cheapness
But when it comes to cribs, Simplicity does mean cheapness. We got the Simplicity 3-in-1 because it was cheap (affordable . . . whatever, insert your euphemism here) and Baby Bargains recommended it [see update below]. Sure, I've had my differences of opinion with the crib since I first attempted to make sense of it, but it's generally functioned properly until recently, when I noticed that some of the hardware was coming loose. I tightened it up, only to check it the next day and find it loose again. I nursed it along for as long as possible before Mama called in for help. To their credit, and our surprise, Simplicity immediately sent out a new crib end to replace the one with the stripped out hardware (a stripped nut and an embedded nut that pulled out of the hole it was plugged into, causing the drop-side hardware to disconnect). Turns out they knew something that we didn't, which just became public. We learned of it first through DaddyTypes, of course, but now it's all over the place. I've always considered attention to detail and persistence minor, and often annoying, talents of mine and didn't think much of all of this until tonight over dinner when Mama said, "You may have saved 3B's life." Well, that made me stop chewing and say thanks to whoever or whatever is responsible for my nature.

The "B" on our helmets stands for "Boo Ya!"
I should know better than to jinx myself, but unless Drew Brees chalks up -13 fantasy football points tonight, I'll have my first FF win this week over our 0-3 league manager, Black Belt Mama. And I'm doing it with one hand practically tied behind my back. We were so busy at the Bradstein Household getting ready for our ride this Sunday that I didn't have time to adjust my lineup and put in Favre for Brees, so I left 34 points on the bench, and I'm still kicking BBM's ass. I know, I know . . . pride, fall, and all that, but man, it feels good to actually be able to talk a little smack rather than get smacked around for a change. Besides, there's nobody more fun to be around than a sore winner, right?

UPDATE: Please read the clarification from Denise, coauthor of Baby Bargains, about their stance on Simplicity cribs that I posted.

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  1. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Yeah, sore winners suck. And sore loser league managers suck even worse. You do know I can adjust points right???

    Evil laugh.

  2. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Ok, I officially want to hurt you now. Have a good night. I'm going to go cry.

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Wait a minute. Can I really get slimmer to subscribe to your posts by e-mail? If so, I have several e-mail addresses.

  4. BBM: He who evil laughs last wins. Mwahahahahahaha!

    SGS: Of course you can get slimmer! But wait, there's more!