Monday, April 12, 2010


We're finally all back home, and we've no plans to fly anywhere for at least another few hours. Seriously, I think we may actually make it through the summer without traveling. Of course, directly after summer, we'll be taking a tour of the east coast from the northern tip of Maine to the south of Virginia, with multiple 100+ mile bike rides scattered along our route.

But that's months away, right? Why worry about it now?

What's important now is that we're all back home. Mama, Jewel and Grammy had a great time in London. Jewel loved touring the city, sitting bolt upright on the edge of her stroller, watching it all go by. Apparently she was quite disappointed when a cyclist in a bright yellow jacket like I wear rode up to her stroller, then rode right past on his merry way. She was delighted and excited as he approached, then crestfallen when he rode past with out even a fare-thee-well.

Then again, when she finally saw me this morning, I think she'd quite forgotten who I was.

3B is still recovering from a week of nothing but playgrounds, playgrounds, playgrounds. He didn't get to bed until after 9 last night, and then slept until about 11 this morning. In California he was just as tired as that, likely from spending three to four hours each morning at a playground. The fatigue didn't serve him as well here, where there was no backyard to dig in and no kitchen set to cook at, so he ended up in time out a few times today.

That's to be expected in transition after a long trip, but he was really the perfect traveler and a wonderful companion for our whole week together, both here and during our trip to California. Other than not wanting to--but being willing to--put his lovie through the x-ray machine, he's better at getting through airport security than most adults. He loves his aunts and uncles--particularly Uncle M, who shared his instruments with 3B.

No offense to Mama, but it was hard to tell which 3B missed more: her or his guitars, drums, tambourines, saxophone, trumpet, get the picture. So, when Uncle M let 3B play his beautiful mandolin one day then brought his djembe the next day, and on both days spent time showing 3B how to play was a little slice of home for 3B that made his absence from it easier to bear.

Thankfully, Mama was also pretty easy to talk to in London, thanks to cheap calls through Skype, so we were able to keep the homesickness at bay until the last day, when it came crashing down for an hour or so. But then, suddenly, there was digging to do, playgrounds to play at, Uncle Funk Daddie to play with and all was well.

Oh...and thinking of Uncle Funk Daddie, that reminds me that in three short weeks' time, 3B and I will be on our way to NYC for the premiere of Iron Man 2, with Uncle D. Well, 3B will sleep through the premiere whilst the Uncles--my two best friends--and I will go to the premiere. But, the next few days, us boys will spend playing together in the big, big city.

But then, after that, no more trips until...oh wait, I just remembered...

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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  1. It is good to stay home and pretend to catch up for a while and remind myself that I do have a bicycle.