Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sleep fast

In the few minutes I have before I have to get to sleep--and I'm already late for that at 10 p.m.--another first for Jewel and some other scatterbrained notes from the last few days for those of you keeping score at home or, like Mama, in India.

Today, Jewel started running. Hey, once you've been walking for all of two weeks, you might as well test these legs out, see what they've got in them. Turns out, they've got quite a turn of speed in them.

For about five steps.

After that, stability control appears to fail, the differential locks up, tires blow, shocks sag...who knows, but it results in a return to a 4 x 4 state of affairs. Not in a bad way. So far.

Those seven folds down the back of her legs weren't just hiding yesterday's cookies, it turns out.

As you've seen by the pictures of her, Jewel also has been loving climbing ladders, stairs and anything else that she can get her hands on and leg over. She also, like her brother before her, only wants to walk down stairs. On two feet. Facing forward. And you thought the Leaning Tower of Pisa looked perilous. This is like watching someone try to pogo stick through a room full of golf balls. Handcuffed. Blindfolded.

She also loves the cat here, who should be sainted by the time we leave. Fortunately for all, Mickey is patient. And declawed. But mostly patient.

As for 3B, he's really in the swing of 1-2-3 Magic--all thanks go to Mama for that, I'm just continuing her good work--which makes hanging out with him a joy. The KISS concert in the basement, his love of Pink Panther cartoons, his expanding vocabulary--often through the addition of words he makes up himself, and our many expeditions as archeologists uncovering Cleopatra's tomb in the sandbox under the clubhouse also make my time spent with him fly by.

Also making the time fly by is the sheer fatigue that sets in after a daily 5 a.m. wake-up call, followed by 14 hours of playing, refereeing, feeding, watering, cleaning, dressing, undressing, changing of diapers and so forth. And yet, after they're down, there's still so much to do, although I truly feel that I should be going down with them. That leaves me up at this hour, remembering what Mom and Dad used to wish each other instead of sweet dreams: Sleep fast.

And so it is that after this brief update, I'm off to bed. More later.

If I can remember any of it.

I'm working to make cancer history. Will you help me?

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