Saturday, August 14, 2010

What she said

The Pan-Mass Challenge, by it's very nature, is a public event, but there are portions of it that you can't easily see.

We ride on open roads, through hundreds of cities, towns and villages, past thousands of homes and people. If you want to see what's happening, you just have to show up and look. Or, if you're in New England, tune into NECN to watch us.

However, you can't be everywhere along the route, and if you're not a rider, you can't get into certain areas, like our camp at the Mass. Maritime Academy or our finish area at the Provincetown Inn--the ride's gotten too big to accommodate anybody but riders in those places. And, even if you watched the official opening ceremonies on NECN, you missed the preshow.

You didn't see the more informal gathering before that, which was not as scripted or polished. It was, however, just as powerful a reminder of why we ride. Thanks to NECN, you can watch for yourself what this was like. If you have half an hour, it might be worth your time, but to get to the heart of it, skip ahead to about 15.40, and listen to what Carrie has to say.

Sturbridge Exclusive Kickoff 2010 from David Hellman on Vimeo.

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