Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our son, Max Headroom

Over the last few days, 3B has fallen back into his skipping record routine.

For those of my six loyal readers who are too young to know how a licorice pizza, LP, 45, or record skips...well, it's a bit like Max, Max, Max Headroom--the Max, Max, Max part.

Wow. Now I've dated myself twice and I haven't even started.

Anyway, he looks like he gets stuck on a word and repeats it a half dozen or even a dozen times before moving on. A phase like this passed before and we asked Mama's mom about it, since she just happens to be a speech therapist.

She explained that his brain and his mouth aren't synced up and that he's just in a holding pattern until they can resync, at which time he continues. Knowing that, when you watch him doing it, you can see it happening.

And, as we learned last night, he can feel it happening. He got stuck in the middle of a sentence and had this exchange with himself:

"Tonight we're going to read, read, read, read [smacks his own head]--oh, c'mon brain!"

See why I don't turn on the TV? I've got all the entertainment I need without it.

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