Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: a shagadelic frenzy

Easter brought about the age-old debate: be responsible parents or let the kids eat themselves into a sugar guzzling frenzy?

Of course, frenzy won out as we explained to the kids that it's a holiday all about the shagging after all...or something. I figure if we ever move the kids out of the Old Testament, we can explain the real meaning, so they'll know why a bunny pooped out chocolate-filled eggs under the couch cushions.

3B's favorite gift was a tube of Egyptian characters that he used to play Egyptian chess. This is a game with one rule: 3B wins. Seriously, that's what he says at the start of each game: There are no rules except that I win.

Hey, when one of your pieces is the Pharaoh, it makes sense.

To be fair to 3B, whichever piece he declared to be bishop still moved diagonally, rooks moved straight ahead and sideways, knights jumped over pawns to move and queens did whatever they wanted. Of course, directions were all relative on the grid-free surface of the Persian, the dining room table and the bedspread.

Jewel's favorite gift wasn't an Easter gift at all, although she enjoyed all of those too. In fact, she enjoyed a lot of Easter gifts, since it took her about 7 seconds to figure out that if she shook a plastic egg and it didn't rattle with contained candy, there was no need to bother attempting to open it. She's no chump.

What she liked most were two items we got for her on Friday: her own scooter and helmet. Being the second child, she was allowed to scoot without a helmet until now. You know, the first child never goes outside without 11 protective layers of bubble wrap and the second one...wait, how did she get outside? She's where? At the corner bar, ordering a pizza? Yes, I'll be right over...I mean, as soon as I finish my beer.

So, we went to our local bike shop--big sacrifice for Papa, that trip--and got little missy a new lid that's all hers. Of course, when we showed her the wall of helmets, the only one she wanted was the pink and purple one her brother has, which is too big for her, even when she wears it backwards, as she does about half the time. It is a good reverse time trial look.

Then it was off to le Target for whatever scooter wasn't either recalled for slicing kids fingers or bought out by parents who actually plan ahead for holidays. This ended up being a Radio Flyer scooter--my first scooter, or somesuch--that is wide enough for her to stand on with both feet side-by-side and be pulled along.

Before we got this and I actually did it, I thought my daughter would never allow such a thing--someone else to do what she was perfectly capable of doing on her own, or even that which she had to struggle through to develop some capability of doing on her own--but that's exactly what she did. Not for long, mind you, but for the boring portions, like the shuttle from our building over to what we call the racetrack, which is the circle at the end of the cul-de-sac.

But, when we got there, it was off to the races...of course. Easter morning, she and Mama went out for a long scoot, then a walk down to our neighborhood coffee shop and park while 3B and I stayed in, playing Capture Daddy's Egyptian Chess Pieces in 1,000 Different Ways.

Jewel hasn't stopped scooting except at the end of yesterday's trip to Green Spring Gardens when sugar DTs set in pretty hard and she became a weepy mess until we could get back to the car where Mama had stashed a bag of methadone-flavored jelly beans.

Hope your holiday was a shagadelic frenzy.

Or something more appropriate.

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  1. We received our first razor type scooter from Aunt S when my kids were 2 and 8. Of course, I let the 2 year old ride without any protection other than his cast and cowboy boots. That was before the digital camera, so it will take a while to find a picture for you.

  2. Mama has already said that she's got problems with them and speed. Wait until they start driving.