Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jewel's sublime language skills

The other day I bragged on 3B's vocabulary and Spanglish. Again.

After all, he's always been our chatty one with a gift for and interest in languages. Then again, his sister hasn't been old enough until recently to speak up...as if there were ever a quiet moment for her to do that in if she could.

Recently, however, her vocabulary is taking off in English and Spanish. Three days a week she's with her babysitter* for the entire morning, where she only hears Spanish, and she likely has a larger Spanish vocabulary than we know of, but Mama and I just don't know much Spanish.

But we know some words, and so it was clear the other morning, after Mama told Jewel that as soon as breakfast was over they would head out to the babysitter, that Jewel said, "I'm done. Vamanos."

My delight in this is multifaceted: she's learned so many words so quickly, she's bilingual, she's going to be able to explain all those Sublime lyrics to me.

*Babysitter: We've really got to come up with a better term for her. Her daughter was our in-home babysitter, although really she was more like a part-time nanny for us, because babysitter implies she only took care of the kids, but trust me when I say she took care of the whole family.

When our p/t nanny went to college, her mom, who had fallen in love with Jewel, offered to take her in at her home, not wanting to see Jewel go to anybody else. She, too, does more than take care of Jewel.

When we need help, she also will pick up 3B from school and take care of him, she buys Jewel clothes, sends food home with Mama, as well as countless small things the extent of which we'll probably never know.

She's more of a surrogate aunt than a babysitter. Does that make our p/t nanny their surrogate cousin? Yeah, that's about right too. Now I just need blognames for them.

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