Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Como música a mis oídos

Yesterday, when Grammy picked up Jewel from her babysitter, she heard that Jewel had asked her babysitter for water. In Spanish.

But of course in Spanish, since that's all her babysitter speaks to her. Just last week, when I was doing the pick ups and drop offs, Jewel's babysitter was excited to report that Jewel comprehended full sentences of instructions in Spanish.

It is all exciting, since she's doing much the same in English at the same time. Her English side tends to be a week or so ahead of her Spanish side, but my guess is that they're developing at the same time, but since she's only at her babysitter three days a week, her Spanish side appears later, since she's got less of a chance to use it.

It's fun to see her babysitter, who as I've said is like an aunt more than a babysitter, be so proud of and delighted with Jewel's development, just as we are.

I'm excited too, since if she stays bilingual, she can come along as our translator when Mama and I return to where we had our first date for our 50th anniversary.

La papá Bradstein montará su bici 200 millas a través de Massachusetts en dos días para ayudar a luchar el cáncer. Apoye por favor su paseo.

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