Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elephant talk

While Jewel may be learning up to 10 words a day, she won't start using them right away, according to the latest email of toddler developmental updates from BabyCenter.

Oh really?

Over the weekend, there was a bevy, a veritable bounty, if you will, of new words, most beginning with "b." There was "bug," "bee"... and ...

You know, when you're the second child, your parents don't write everything down immediately. But she clearly got it about these words, shouting out "bee" every time one appeared in a book, pointing directly to each bee.

I'm sure that "balderdash" and "brouhaha" are next.

This week started off with "cuidado" and "nut," which means that she's been watching the news. I'm cautious of those rapture nuts too.

And, Mama said that yesterday she asked Jewel if she wanted some cheese and got the reply, "mac and," which puzzled Mama for a moment. After asking again, Mama got it and made some mac and cheese for Jewel.

Jewel's speech is pretty clear for her age, despite the fact that it's often delivered with a pacifier swung into the corner of her mouth like Groucho's cigar, but I think we miss many words because, like BabyCenter, we're just not expecting her to use them yet.

We're nuts like that.

Jewel isn't awake yet, but after our "b" and "c" day, I'm sure that we'll have words with a "d" this time.

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