Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleeping peacefully, waking up peckish

According to Baby Center

Lispingstuttering, and mispronouncing certain sounds are common speech issues for 5-year-olds. Most are absolutely normal for now and are usually outgrown over the next few years. If you have any concerns, it's a good idea to point out speech problems to your child's doctor. Most of these blips sort themselves out on their own, but sometimes speech therapy can help.
Stuttering doesn't seem to be a problem here. I'm surprised, in fact, that neither kid has asked me, "Did I stutter?" after one of their commands.

Not to make light of lisping or stuttering or any other of the speech issues...we've had some. My favorite was when 3B would stutter whole phrases. A sentence might come out as, "The fire engine...the fire engine...the fire engine...the fire going to help people."

It was usually amusing and always a good reminder to be patient, since the payoff was always worth the wait. Grammy explained at the time that his mouth and brain were just out of sync and that the stuttering was the equivalent of idling his engine while the gears in his speech transmission got synced up.

Jewel hasn't gotten to this stage yet, if she will, but she is speaking in full sentences, as well as regularly using "please" and "thank you." And yes, we all know that's because she hangs around Mama all day.

While it's nice to know that all of her gears are turning at the appropriate speed, I sometimes wish that she could be a regular two-year-old and just say "no" all the time rather than reciting essays about why she doesn't particularly want to, at this precise moment, do exactly what we want her to. Of course, she is still two, so when the essay doesn't work, she does bust out a pretty mean tantrum.

Too bad for her that she's the second child, which means tantrums don't really faze us. Or slow us down. Or cause us to change course.

Oh, we're so mean.

Despite that, Jewel's finally warming up to me a bit, after going through quite the mommy-only phase. Last night at bedtime she gave me about seven (but who's counting?) bedtime kisses. Nothing could make me sleep more peacefully than that.

Except perhaps knowing that I didn't have to get up for a 4 a.m. meeting today. When I got home from that, 3B was already up, which portends a long day, in every sense of that phrase, for everyone. But we had fun cozying on the couch together, looking through my work. (fwiw, he likes the site redesign I'm overseeing)

After awhile though, it was time for breakfast number two...or is that lunch, since I'd already been up four hours?

"I'm getting a little hungry," I said. "Would you like some breakfast too, 3B?"

"Me too. I'm feeling a little peckish."

Other facts that make me sleep peacefully: my five-year-old has a better daily vocabulary than I do.

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