Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easier: a relative term that doesn't apply to my relatives

Living with a toddler is like living with mountain weather--if you don't like it, wait five minutes and it will be completely different.

Yesterday, Jewel got good news: her foot, heel, shin, whatever isn't broken. Apparently. And there's no soft tissue injury. Apparently. And her leg is now healed. Apparently.

The qualifiers are because two-year-olds are like dead men: they tell no tales. OK, OK, OK, Jewel does actually talk up a storm telling tales and giving orders to match the best pirate captains of yore, but good luck getting a direct answer to a question such as, Where does it hurt? Or, Does it still hurt anywhere? Or, shall we reef the topsail, then, cap'n?

But at least she doesn't limp anymore, which she took full advantage of yesterday evening, once again running the length of the living room to dive head first onto the couch in an attempt to flip upside down. Glad she's back

And if you like that news, wait five minutes for the news of her other doctor visit. See, technically, it wasn't an appointment for her, it was a follow up for her brother for his pneumonia.

Mama had the doctor listen to Jewel's lungs anyway, however, since she's been developing quite the wet cough over the last few days and had developed a low-grade fever yesterday. The doc said that she's not got pneumonia yet, but that if she starts wheezing, it'll be time to bring her in to confirm what we'll already know by then.

To help us out, Jewel made the diagnosis easier by throwing up in her crib at 3.30 this morning. Yeah, "easier" is a relative term. Then again, if she is laid out by pneumonia like her brother was, maybe she won't be twisting her ankle, breaking her shin, or whatever it was she did while dancing.

Some consolation prize, right? Like leaving Wheel of Fortune with nothing more than a box of Rice-a-Roni and a set of Lee press-on nails. But when the weather changes as often as it does around here, the best we can do sometimes is set up barrels and hope to catch some of the silver lining as it falls from the clouds.

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