Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Shopping cart surfing

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened when Mama left the children's care in my hands for the day. She hasn't lost her mind, though, just her health, and even that was a momentary lapse of the season.

Everyone seems to have survived, even Mama, who I put to bed last night with a bit of a hot toddy. It would have been a real hot toddy if I didn't live in a state that believes there's no need to update laws written on parchment with quills dipped in inkwells. Otherwise, why wouldn't they sell liquor at grocery stores? Or on Sundays?

Fortunately, we have enough of an emergency booze stash--strictly for medicinal purposes, I assure you--that I was able to pull something together. Imagine my relief.

The day started off slowly, since everyone was still tired from the candy orgy the night before. I let 3B sleep in until the last possible moment, so as soon as he got up, he was on the run to school. Jewel slept an hour or more past her usual waking hour, though she still woke up singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep," as she does every morning.

By then, 3B was off to school. He's found his groove and really gotten into it. He knows to eat enough breakfast so he won't get tired at school, to get ready quickly in hopes of watching some TV before he leaves, and we had a good time reading his homework book one more time in the lobby and chatting with neighbors before he marched up onto the bus. He was so busy greeting his friends, he didn't even wave goodbye. Perfect.

Jewel had found her groove the night before, trick or treating, but hadn't figured out that she could eat her loot as she got it, so she woke up ravenous, although that's not an entirely novel event for our little pumpkin. She ate three bowls of Cheerios, helped me get her dressed and then we headed out while Mama slept on through her cold.

After trying to determine which playground Jewel wanted to go to, which isn't as easy as it sounds, given her coded, cryptic descriptions, lack of hard R's, and the fat pacifier that's always in her mouth, I did what I do best: the same thing we always do. The regular playground turned out to be just fine, if a bit nippy early in the morning. She spent most of our hour there in one swing or another, which was easy, since for most of the time we were there, nobody else was.

We left there and headed to the grocery store, where we loaded up on milk, cookies and other staples, which sounds easy, but you weren't wrestling a headstrong two-year-old who would rather stand up in the shopping cart seat and call out "Stokaboka!" than stay seated. (Thanks for that, you-know-who-you-are.) But seriously, she's a great shopping companion, who always has something to say, helps look for things and is amusing.

After that, we headed home for lunch and a nap--the former for both of us, the latter just for Jewel. Mama woke up when I put Jewel down, and appeared to be doing somewhat better. At least she was ambulatory. The rest of the day was pretty mellow, since 3B came home exhausted from school and still recovering from Halloween.

Today we appear to be back to what passes for normal around here, although we're entering my season of crazy swing shifts, so we'll see how long normal lasts.

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