Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The shuttle to the doctor's office leaves from our house every hour on the hour

Shattered dreams. A twisted leg and a limping dancer. Pneumonia.

No, this isn't a Dancing with the Stars recap, this is the last week in the Bradstein Household.

It started last week when Jewel and 3B were dancing to Just Dance 3 as I was headed home from work. By the time I got home, she'd managed to fall with her foot trapped between the leg of a chair and the leg of a table, apparently twisting them, although we'll never know.

Mama and 3B were standing right there and saw her fall, but couldn't tell what happened that hurt her. What they could tell immediately was that she was in great pain. Mama said that Jewel's face turned bright red immediately and she started screaming and crying louder than Mama had ever heard. By the time I got home, they'd been rocking in the glider for 20 minutes and Jewel had settled down, but she was limping around the house like a peg-legged pirate.

Sort of cute, but a little sad and very worrying.

It didn't seem to bother her anymore, but her brother was sitting up and moving around the day after his abdominal surgery with only Tylenol to dull the pain, so we know that kids' perception of pain is a bit different than adults'. And the limping meant that even if she wasn't registering or attending to it, Jewel was feeling it at some level.

As the orthopedist said when we took her to see him a few days later--the delay was because our first visit was to her pediatrician--you can't train them to if we'd want to...although, wait a minute, it is sort of cute, now that you mention it.

No, seriously, he said the same thing we knew: she was minimizing time standing on that leg by limping, which means that it hurts. But, two sets of x-rays later, he couldn't tell why.

Based on Jewel's own reports, we first x-rayed her foot, ankle and partway up her shin. The radiologist reported a possible concern in her heel, although not a fracture. But maybe. But maybe not. The orthopedist, looking at the x-ray and the radiologist report, which listed a suspected dislocation of her heel, said that he'd lost all respect for that radiologist because in toddlers, there's supposed to be a lot of seemingly empty space in the heel--it's cartilage that forms into bone as they get older.

So, he ordered an x-ray of her leg up to and past the knee because he said the most common injury for kids her age falling like that was a spiral fracture of their tibia or fibula, which would truly make Jewel Mom's granddaughter, since that's the fracture Mom got skiiing back in the day before quick release bindings. However, they must not be that closely related, because he found no fracture.

But she was still limping.

He told us to wait a week, and if she was still limping to bring her back in. The next steps would be an MRI or other soft tissue scan, but that would require knocking her out, since she has to lie still for so long for those.

It's now been 10 days, and she's got an appointment today to go back in--the soonest we could get back in, and we booked it just in case we needed it. It's hard to tell if she's still limping. If she is, it's slight, but we'll probably take her back in just to be sure. She does seem to be running normally again--she had developed quite the gallop, which led me to calling her Giddyup Hotspurs, which was my uncle's nickname for Hopalong Cassidy, which apparently his brother was a big fan of.

Fortunately, she's too young to know that.

Good thing I never wrote it down anywhere.

As for the shattered dreams and the pneumonia...those will have to wait for another post.

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