Saturday, January 07, 2012

Breaking bad, Grammy edition

I don't normally get into other people's business, but this crosses the line into our business a bit.

Also, you all know and love Grammy and so will be concerned--and relieved--to hear what's going on.

To bring you up to speed:

  • We went to the farm in VT for Christmakwanzukkah.
  • We had a great time.
  • There was snow.
  • There was rain.
  • There were gifts.
  • There was even a hot New Year's Eve date, courtesy of Grammy and aunt D.

But then I had to come home to return to work. Since 3B's school doesn't start until Monday, Mama stayed on the farm with him and Jewel for another week, to return today.

But the best laid plans of mice--like the ones infesting our house--and women and all that...yesterday, Mama, 3B, Jewel and Grammy went down to New York to visit college friends of Mama's and their kids. All was well until they got out of the car and Grammy, carrying Jewel, fell.

Protecting Jewel as she fell, Grammy twisted and broke her ankle. In three places.

So, she went to the hospital. Mama and the kids spent the night at their friends' house without, you know, pajamas, changes of clothes, contact lens fluid, toothbrushes or anything else of consequence. Of course, Mama's friends filled in all the gaps and then some, entertaining the kids while Mama did what she had to. By the end of the weekend, 3B was their daughter's new boyfriend.

Of course he was. I swear that those two kids are peas from the same pod. They regularly go a year without seeing each other and then pick up their conversation where they left off. So 3B was happy to stay there an extra day--especially when he got to wear his new girlfriend's pink kitty cat pajamas for the night. If he didn't love her before, that surely would have cemented the deal.

Meanwhile Mama was doing all she could to get Grammy the care she needed. The immediate care was good, but following that, the hospital she was at left something to be desired and refused to allow Grammy to transfer. Nobody puts Mama--or Grammy--in a corner, however, so they got that worked out (read: told the hospital to put it in a pipe and smoke it) and Grammy's in better hands now.

She'll need surgery, but they'll wait a few weeks for the swelling to go down before they do anything to avoid complications.

Of course, while all that was playing out, Mama had to get 3B back here so he could return to school on Monday. She did that, then turned around and got on the next flight to NY while Aunt D and Jewel got Grammy transferred to the larger hospital with better doctors.

Are you keeping up?

3B and I drove home, stopping along the way for dinner at Panera. Tomorrow, we'll do a little bachelor training, which will continue through Thursday. That's when Mama's brother arrives in NY so Mama and Jewel can return.

Which means that while Grammy is in pain, she's got Jewel with her which, in the words of Mama, makes Grammy look as if she's won the lottery, not broken her ankle. And 3B's only got me, so you might want to include him in your prayers, right after Grammy.

Or maybe just before her.

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