Monday, January 23, 2012

It's all worth it, no matter how much I may curse

Before we had kids, I used to think it was a major accomplishment to drink coffee, read the New York Times, take the dog out for a walk and do a few loads of laundry on a weekend day.

In one morning this weekend, I cleaned out all the toys under and behind the couch, sanitized the floor under the couch (due to mouse poop contamination), washed all the cushion covers and the couch cover, disconnected and removed the dishwasher, patched the holes in the wall behind it (with help from the kids), swept out and sanitized the dishwasher space, replaced and reconnected the dishwasher, washed all of 3B's bed linens, ran a couple loads of clothes through the wash, just for good measure, cooked breakfast and made coffee for Mama.

And that was just what happened before 11.

The good news is that there was no mouse sighting last night after all that patching and moving of traps to better locations. The bad news is that we're now trying to prove a negative, which is difficult at best. Ideally, it will prove itself over time. And, if it doesn't, the traps are still out.

Despite the 49ers loss, it was a good weekend. Mama has a new job, so she was working throughout, as best she could, and is still working tonight as I type this. Her hours tonight are in part because of her day.

Due to the 1/2 inch of ice that we were supposed to get, but never did, 3B's school opened two hours late, which borked Mama's schedule and mine. Once we were done juggling schedules though, which involved my starting my work week during the 49ers loss so I could get a full day's work done by the end of today, Mama seemed all clear.

Jewel would spend the day with her babysitter, who would also come and get 3B off of the bus, then take care of both kids here at our house until Mama's day was done. It would have worked too, if it weren't for our babysitter's malfunctioning car, which died unceremoniously midday. That meant that Mama needed to break off from work, give the babysitter, her son and Jewel a ride back to the babysitter's, then bring Jewel here, get 3B off the bus and abandon all hope of working this afternoon.

The best part was when 3B got off the bus, gave Mama a "what are you doing here?" look and asked, "But, where's the babysitter?"

And that was just what happened before noon.

But Jewel gave me kisses when I walked in the door, and I made 3B laugh uncontrollably as we did laundry and later as we read bedtime stories together, so it was all worth it.

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  1. My wife got home early today and spent some time with the kids upstairs, so I took the opportunity to take half the furniture to the basement, move the rest of it around the living room, drill holes in the back of the cabinet so I could leave the printer inside the cabinet, and cleaned all the "wood" off the floor (hey, IKEA is not really wood). Amazing how much I can get done when I'm away from the kids for an hour.

    Then my wife will take the kids away for a day on the weekend and I'll sit in bed and accomplish nothing all day... Kids are great motivators.