Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just another

Yesterday chewed me up and spit me out, then it washed me down the drain and turned on the disposal. But it served up a bonbon for dessert.

To recap, it...
  • was the first day back to school after a three-day weekend, which was rough for 3B.
  • started off with an icy rain.
  • looked like a wide open day on my calendar, but then a meeting ate the entire middle of my day.
  • ended with Mama having to pick up 3B at school because he wasn't on the bus list for his after-school activity.
  • ended again when they got home and Jewel pointed at her stomach and said, "My tummy hurts." And then she doubled over in pain and started crying.
  • ended again when Jewel threw up and immediately felt better, even if she was still feverish.
  • got better after that...
3B apparently handled the absurd bus situation well, walking into the office, telling them his situation and phone number and then "being an angel" while waiting for Mama to come get him. No idea how Mama figured out where he was, since her phone was in a bag of rice upstairs while she waited down in the lobby for him, but she's smart, that Mama. No idea how he wasn't on the bus list, since last week the principal drove him home when the bus didn't show up, which implies that he is on the f@&*ing bus list, you knobs...get it right!

OK, that's out of my system now...but seriously, I'm underwhelmed at how after-school programs are run, since they've twice abandoned my kindergartner. He's five, people. Get it together.

Also, I'm impressed that the school has an anti-bullying pledge and that it's helping 3B learn his phone number and address, but sending home those worksheets plus his homework, plus his reading...let's all take a step back and remember that he's five, shouldn't be doing any homework, and that 45 minutes of homework is absurd.

And then, poor little Jewel. OK, let's be honest: poor big Jewel. She'd hate for me to call her a little girl. As she will tell anybody who asks, or who doesn't ask, she's a big girl. She'll also tell you that before going out in the rain, "I need my boots and I need my umbrella and I need my raincoat." And if you're driving, she'll narrate the trip, just in case you didn't know that you were going down a big hill, or where the sun is, or what's out her window. Around home, she'll love to tell you if anyone is doing the same thing she is, because then she can use her word of the week: also. "3B is watching Yo Gabba Gabba also."

"Mommy is eating dinner also."

Fortunately, however, she was solo on her stomach bug yesterday. Not that I wanted her to hork, but I'm glad it was just her and it didn't spread. Yet.

But once Mama and I had everyone in bed, we got to revel in her good news: she got a job yesterday. Yes, Mama is that person who gets called, goes in for an interview, and walks out with a job. The reality is that the call itself was truly the job offer, they were just discussing details yesterday. Seriously?

Well, yes. She is brilliant, after all.

While she's not enthused about all the mechanics--less time with the kids, back to the daycare routine, etc.--we are both breathing a sigh of relief because this means that we should be able to buy our new house before we sell our current place. That's preferable to having to show our current place while we're living here for a variety of reasons.

So, after all the bus blundering and child chundering, we spent a romantic evening together sipping wine. And folding laundry.

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