Saturday, July 23, 2005

bye bye, Polly

This is a somewhat distemporal post, since I took this just before Wifey left, but I did have to post the news that the Foxchase Cinemas are no more. They're remodeling the Foxchase strip mall, taking out the dinner theatre and Macgruder's market in addition to the cinemas. Although it was a five minute walk down the street from our place, the only movie we saw there was Spellbound, the HBO movie about national spelling bee competitors. They did show good, second-run arthouse films, but there was only ever a 50-50 chance of finding one of those films because half of the screens at the Foxchase showed pornos, while the other half showed the artsy flicks.

The strip mall is being remodeled to better inegrate it with Duke St., which it fronts on, and the Holmes Run park, which runs behind it. Apparently, a Harris Teeter market is moving in, so now we will have a local chichi market. Interesting replacement for a 1/2 porno theater.

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