Saturday, July 23, 2005

not so hot

It hasn't been all heat here, as you can see from this shot of the sign at the hotel out in the Shenandoah Valley, where Wifey took both of us for a weekend of bike rides with Potomac Pedalers for my birthday.

We didn't stop much on the rides, and I don't think we took any pictures on either ride, but they were both beautiful, rolling through the valley, along the river, sometimes on roads so narrow it felt like we were on someone's driveway.

And, no matter what this sign shows, it was hot. On Sunday my new bike computer recorded a high of 92.5 F on the ride--with about 90-95 percent humidity, I'm sure.

Both were good days to stay out of the sun, which we did on Saturday after the ride, taking a nice long nap rather than heading out to the pool, which we thought would have been more draining than refreshing. After that we went out to the dinner that they hosted for us at the town shelter (we were in New Market, a little gateway community out in the valley). Overall, the weekend was beautiful; it was nice on the few days before Wifey left to spend time with her (and Barky, of course) and no other or activities or distractions. We did get all kinds of cue sheets for rides all over the area, and we'd like to go back and explore some of them. First, however, Wifey will have to return from her trip.

It would also be nice to wait for some cooler weather (maybe there will even be foliage out there), when we could take the time for some of the longer rides--or just take longer on some of the shorter rides, some of which go by wineries.

I'm sure that we'll be back out that way, preferably when it's a little cooler--but above -196.

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