Friday, July 22, 2005

take me out to the ballgame

On my way out to RFK to join Dave and others from work at a Nats game. It was threatening a thunderstorm earlier, but that has passed--around here, anyway. It's OK if it does come for two reasons: it might break this heat and it's umbrella night (although Dave says that we don't get the goods until after the prevent an umbrella riot, I'm sure).

So, yes, Barky is left to fend for himself, but after a day in daycare, I hope he just sleeps. On the way down to pick him up, I called Mama who still is holding onto baby, even though baby is, as she says, "in pole position." Here's hoping baby doesn't come out at 200 MPH.

Also called Dana, who is back safely from dropping off Jason in Texas, busy w/all the Supreme Court happenings, and finding the time to jet off to Florida for a coupla' days. After she's back from her next jaunt, we'll get together for a drink or something, and when Wifey and I are both in town again, we'll have her over for dinner, since she fessed up that it's been microwave dinners for her since she dropped off the chef in Texas.

Rolling into L'Enfant Plaza, our old morning and night stop, listening to Postal Service. It's all so federal.

Let's hope for a rain delay or a slow game...missed about the first hour so far.

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