Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Big Sleep on the Mall

Some corporate folks sponsor Screenn on the Green every summer, in conjunction with the Nat'l Park Service. It used to be down by the Washington Monument, but now we face the Capitol, probably due to security concerns.

You never know what some clove smoking, beret wearing film geek would do when confronted with the razor sharp wit slicing back and forth between Bogie and Bacall in a flick like this.

The WaMo was also resplendent on this beautiful, (finally) cool evening. Pic of that next.

We had a great Korean picnic from Java Green, although we missed the ice cream cart...so we had to swing by the Del Ray Dreamery to get some frozen custard...cinnamon oatmeal cookie custard in a tin roof sundae. Are you kidding? It doesn't get any better than an evening like this.

Unless you're the dog, who had to wait at home. And sleep some more. Rough life.

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