Thursday, August 25, 2005

I can't decide

Not that either one is great, but I couldn't decide which one of these to post, so here they both are.

This is the bowling alley that is across S. Pickett from our building, which you can actually see in one of the shots--the brick one with the flat white roof in the distant, as if atop the hill that our building is indeed atop. To be more specific, this is the back of the bowling alley. I believe that before Cameron Station and other developments were put up in the area, this sign was intended to display the location of the bowling alley down Duke Street some ways. Now, however, it shines down (if they ever light it, which I doubt they do) onto the back windows of a row of Cameron Station townhouses and a little medical strip mall. Nonetheless, it's one of my favorite neighborhood icons. I'm not sure if I would like it so much if the "w" was complete. Something about the missing cover on the "w" makes it perfect.

Barky sometimes wants to come down here, although he's usually disappointed once we do get down behind the bowling alley because there's really nothing back here. However, the addition of the oriental rug place--hey, that's what they call themselves, I didn't make up the "oriental" part--has been a highlight, since they are always leaving food strewn around the parking lot.

It all looks intentionally strewn. I presume it's for birds or squirrels or the like. Barky presumes that it's for him. He would.

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  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Less sky more bowl is my initial feeling. Coming from an untrained Steamboat Springs Eye......Great lighting.I finally made it on. Nice to be here. Whit will love it, as long as she is patient enough. Much thanks for the gifts for Qwynn. She is well. Sleeping when she needs to, not when we want her to, oh well we will learn many new ways.