Sunday, September 04, 2005

Country Roads, Take Me Home

Country roads will never take me home, since I grew up in the burbs, but country roads didn't bring us here to West Virginia, either. I-70 brought us here. Had we not turned off (and kept going for several days), we could've ended up in Silverthorne, where a quick exit and a right turn could've put us on the road to Steamboat Springs.

Instead, we turned off at exit 1B in Virginia. Shortly after exiting, we crossed the border into West Virginia, where we've spent the last few days in Berkeley Springs. We've spent much of our time watching the coverage of the disasters that have followed Hurricane Katrina and debating what we're going to do to help when we return. We've wondered about our place in the order of things, taking a vacation on our own for the first time since getting married, while thousands suffer and die.

What would or could we have done had we cancelled our vacation and stayed behind? What is the place of a vacation? What purpose does it serve us? What purpose does it serve others? The greater good?

If we don't use this time to reflect and react, to adjust our course to meet the shifting winds, what will it have been for?

And so we continue to debate, during our stay here, what good it will be for, our stay here. What will we do new and different when we return?We will be the same people, but will we conduct ourselves in the same way? Given that our souls will stay in these vessels, what course shall we steer them on? Keep them safe in the harbor, set a course that hugs the safety of the coastline of knowledge, or set off into the unknown depths?

We cannot tell from here where we will go. Only by looking back over our wake will we be able to tell where we have been.

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