Sunday, September 04, 2005

In the garden

This garden doesn't appear to be of good and evil, although we haven't ventured out at midnight to confirm that. This one is of blossoming beauty, albeit with the steady rush of air conditioner exhaust nearby.

It is where we have spent the last few afternoons, rocking in our chairs, as one does, I suppose, on vacation. We've read--finishing one novel and several accounts of the disasters on the Gulf Coast, discussed our course through life so far and into the future, knitted a bit, and blogged some.

From here we headed down to Tari's Cafe last night, where we ate before catching The Fantastic Four at the Star Theater (for $3.50 each, and another $3.50 for a bucket of popcorn and candy--zoinks! such a deal!).

We're going to return to Tari's tonight, with more time to linger over our meal, and perhaps a drink afterward. Tomorrow we'll check out of here and head down to a B & B a few miles out of town, where we'll stay for just the night before heading back into DC.

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