Monday, October 24, 2005

Thank you, Ted Turner and Jim Kimsey

Jim Kimsey, who served three tours in Vietnam as an Airborne Ranger, was given the first Spark A Change award at a black tie dinner at the Kennedy Center. Apparently, Ted Turner is acquainted with Kimsey, and so sponsored a table at the dinner. UNF staff were then selected to fill the table, including Wifey. Somehow I beat out Barky to be her date, although the woman who sat next to me, the gossip columnist for the DC Examiner, did bring her dog and a date to the dinner.

The dinner was lovely--in spite of a drizzly night, Wifey's coworkers are fun to hang out with, and Kimsey is a remarkable man who has led an amazing life. I'd like to find out more about the AOL Foundation that he started and see if I can get them hooked up to help us at work, since they seem to do things that would help us.

Thanks to Ted and Jim for a lovely evening and for introducing us to all of the good works of Jim and his friends.

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