Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where my life went

OK, I may have figured out where some of my life went: into coffee shops. This is the Sunday morning cappuccino at Cameron Perks, just down the hill from our house. They have just about the most perfect foam on a cappuccino that I've ever found. (Gotta take the lid off quickly, though, to keep it from dissolving.)

And, yes, they have muffins. In case Dr. Lloyd is reading this, yes, that is a bran muffin, but it's gotta be the lightest bran muffin I've ever eaten. Maybe next time I'll go with the carrot muffin, which looks good too.

So, while savoring the coffee, we read the Sunday Post until the dog was about baked and we headed home. There is always a big bowl of water there for the pups, but Barky doesn't help himself by laying out on the bricks in the sun.

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