Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day

A beautiful fall day for an election...and what would a victory party be without balloons?

We vote at the local school--one of us going in while the other walks Barky around outside, giving me just enough time to snap this picture.

The party was just getting going by the time we headed back home, but we were there long enough to see some promising results. The results for the Werkheiser race, south of us, were disappointing, but everything up our way was going our way. It's a secure district, though, so that's to be expected. Too bad about Werkheiser, though. We've met him, and both liked him, and he was fighting the good fight in a tough district. Volunteering at Moran's office, we made calls into his district frequently, although it was apparently to no avail.

We happened to be walking out right as Delegate Moran was coming in. We missed seeing him, but talked for a minute with the head of his campaign. We didn't see Jim Turner there, who was the one we dealt with most as volunteers. I'm sure that we'll see him again, however. I'm sure that work on 2006 will start soon. Let's hope that election day turns out to be as beautiful.

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