Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Walk in the Woods

This weekend we headed down to Prince William Forest National Park again for a hike with Barky. We all had a good time (we'll speak for Barky, since he won't speak for himself). The weather was beautiful. Warm enough, but with a cool breeze bringing cascades of leaves down from the trees. It was nice to be back out in the woods again, with nothing to hear but ourselves and the wind--and the snuffling of our dog, chasing scents through the woods, brambles, meadows, etc., vaulting streams in single bound, and impatiently pulling us along the trail.

We stopped by IKEA on the way back, of course, and I think that we even decided on a floor to buy. Turns out that we're going to have to tear out the parquet (original from 1969, and sort of the bane of our existence--although it has at least stopped giving us splinters), so we're having a contractor come out for an estimate this Saturday. We'll know after that what's next, although they estimated that it would take about a week's worth of work to do the whole place, from tearing out to new installation. On one hand, I can't wait to have a new, solid floor--the kind where pieces don't get sucked into the vacuum--on the other hand, it seems daunting, even if we don't do it ourselves. Sort of like moving without going anywhere, since all the furniture will have to be displaced somehow, although they said that they can move it from one side of the room to the other, then back again.

We'll see on Saturday.

If we're in shock after that, you may get more pix of Prince William Forest Nat'l Park next week.

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