Saturday, December 17, 2005

ok, more like a whole day of rain...

..but in a place that's all gray and shadows, a gray day isn't so bad. Besides, misty veils add to the mystery of the place, which is thick with fantasy, if you let your mind go.

And, has anyone noticed how long it takes a Hollywood movie to get to the predetermined end? Can Tom Hanks just get to the point and bail out Meg Ryan in this movie? Fuhchrissakes, already. Get to it.

Of course, it seems to take forever because we're watching the commercials--well, Wifey is whilst I blog away. Funny, sort of, since we don't have to, being all DVR'd up and all...

Oh well, without commercials, when would I blog, right? Well, except this blogging that I'm doing during the movie.

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