Saturday, December 17, 2005

parting shots

These are just a few over the shoulder glances back at the valley, particularly El Capitan, which was beautiful in the light of the setting sun.

After brunch, we wandered over to the village, stopped in the Ansel Adams gallery and the visitor's center, then headed out. And, though I mocked the glut of gift shops in parks, I think that we bought something in almost every one that we stopped in--we even managed to pick up some Christmas gifts.

Back here on the home front (edge of the couch, where I'm hunched over to reach the PDA and foldout keyboard on the coffee table, really), we're getting close to the climactic finale of Spiderman and feeling a little more relaxed now that we've got all the Christmas gifts that we're shipping out wrapped and boxed up, ready to go to the PO tomorrow. A good end to a busy day.

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