Thursday, December 01, 2005

small things

Before we gathered for dinner, we went out to see the Mariposa Grove of sequoias. We just had a few minutes, so we just headed up to see the Grizzly Giant.

These trees had fallen across and been cleared from the trail. The man in the shot wasn't with us, but I included him for scale. He was about 6' tall--and this part of the trunk was a ways off the ground, which means that the DBH (not DHB, who was with us, but diameter at breast height, a standard measure for trees) was well over 6'.

As for the shot of the Grizzly Giant, it's not much of a picture, but if it gives you any sense of the scale, there's a whole crowd of people at the base that you can't see because I had to get back this far just to get the whole tree in--even with the super wide angle lens in the Treo. That fence is about 20 feet in front of me--the tree is at least 100 feet away.

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