Saturday, December 17, 2005

then it was time...

Both time to leave (the back of the Welcome to Camp Curry sign says Farewell, but it doesn't have those cliffs behind it) and time to go to the Awahnee for brunch.

The only regret about the beautiful and delicious brunch was that I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the chocolate-covered strawberries for the niece. And that none of us were fast enough to get any of them...but the blintzes were just as deadly good as ever.

We strolled out to the sitting room on the south end of the hotel with the spectacular view of Glacier Point, and then off to the gift shop, mais oui. (What's a national park without a few dozen gift shops, right?)

Then it was time to drive out of the valley, down the canyon, and home, but not before taking a few more pictures...

(As for he home front, the Capital One ad with the beagles as sled dogs just came on, right after Green Goblin made his first appearance...OK, so some of the effects--GG, for example--aren't that great. Still better than AOL screenshots.)

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