Thursday, January 12, 2006

All the leaves were brown

The leaves are definitely in tune with the Mamas and the Papas, although I can't verify the color of the sky because it's too foggy to see it...or does that mean it's gray? I'm not sure about the "safe" part, but I'm sure that I'd be "warm in L.A.," which would be nicer than chilled and damp here.

I shouldn't complain, however, since it's supposed to be up to 65 degrees (F) today. I hesitate to say that our winter's been mild, since that will jinx us, and we'll spend the next three weeks digging tunnels through the snow to our cars, but it really has been mild [knocking on wood].

Barky, of course, loves this kind of weather. I figure there are two reasons for this:

1) His British ancestry, since I believe that beagles are just small foxhounds.

2) Wet weather makes it easier to smell everything, which is, after all, his raison d'etre.

Both of those are reasons why it was so exciting when a possum crossed our path as we were coming up the hill toward home. It sort of ambled down from the left, through the trees, saw us and then hightailed it--as best a possum can--across the road, stumbling as it hoisted itself over the curb on the other side. Very exciting for Barky. I imagine that he thought that was a hell of a squirrel.

He's run into a possum before, over at our old place. It tried to play dead, then decided that a rapid retreat was more appropriate. I didn't let Barky get close enough to actually grab him or her, but it was close enough that we could all see that playing dead was not going to be effective (perhaps we should have sent gift certificates for the Actor's Studio for Christmas).

Other than that, not much has changed except that our floor installation is complete. Connie and Diane wrapped up in our bedroom last night. They'll be back on Saturday morning to put in the final thresholds and 1/4 round, but we can move all of our chaos back to some sense of order. We started with our bed and the carpets under it last night. Next is probably the Medusa's hair tangle of cables and cords attached to the desk--guess we should have ordered that wireless DSL before we had the floor installed, eh? Then we'll be deciding if we want to move things back where they were or take the opportunity to rearrange. Actually, it's going to be the latter, but we'll see to what extent we do that.

Not much more news on the baby front, although Mama does report that she went all of yesterday without a headache, making it much easier to work and stuff. She credits having some coffee in the morning--perfectly safe according to all sources, including the doc--and staying hydrated all day long. She found out that Emilia found the same to be true for the headaches. Emilia also passed along the news that Our Bodies Ourselves gives a higher acceptable/normal weight gain at this point than the doc did, which made Mama feel better. To his credit, the doc, a rounder than ideal man, did point out that a man of his shape was in no position to make dictates about weight gain. In fact, his general philosophy, which he clearly stated and acted on, is that so long as Mama and baby are within the bounds of normal that he's just there to help out, answer questions, and so on, and he made it clear that "normal" has pretty wide bounds.

As for me, he told me to always reply that she looks "wonderful," which isn't hard advice to follow. Mama does look beautiful, as always.

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