Monday, January 02, 2006

happy new year

It was a happy new year, rung in with many libations and much catching up on all of the events of the past year that have filled all six of our lives, including the news that there both Wifey and Holly are expecting--which we had pretty much figured about Holly, and which she had pretty much figured about Wifey, but which we confirmed and then discussed at length (not, I hope, ad nauseum for Jeff and Aline).

It's nice to be able to talk about all of these things that the last few months have brought us with good friends who are like-minded. Fascinating how we can be so far apart physically, and yet remain so close in so many ways.


  1. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Dude why does that troll bring back a memory? Did you get that in Palm Springs??

  2. Actually, that's Jeff and Aline's troll. Don't know why it brings back a memory for you, dude. Perhaps there was one in the bathroom at Chiller's?

  3. Anonymous2:32 AM

    AHHHH Chillers. Now there is a blast from the past that will make me throw up faster than you can say Heather grover!!!