Monday, January 09, 2006

A John Deere letter

Just got a John Deere letter from brother #2 that he bought this big new toy. Must be that he's finally doing laundry, cleaning out his living room, or taking it out to the ranch.

I would say that this is the kind of fun that editors like me never get to have, but he's an editor too, so that wouldn't be a true statement. It's just that in my current position there's not nearly as much call for tractors as there is in his. That's good news from one perspective: I must not have as much to dig through as he does (or as it feels like) since I don't need a tractor. From another perspective, it's bad news: not all the fun toys a boy could want. And, going by the picture, more bad news for me: it's not warm enough here to be outside wearing shorts and flip-flops--more like down coats and fleecy hats.

I'll send a picture of the bridge he bought at the same auction if one comes my way.

Really. A bridge.

[UPDATE: Cousin Bill was kind enough to provide a link to a picture of the bridge. Brother #2 also sent some of his own that I'll post soon.]

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  1. A picture of the bridge:

    Don't ask me why this was bought. I just took some photos of it....