Thursday, January 12, 2006

Look, George, a shiny thing!

In all that excitement over the fog and the dog I forgot to mention this fantastic Jon Carroll column that starts off fresh

First off, I have assumed for at least 30 years that the government has been engaged in illegal wiretaps. I assume that the government reads any e-mail it wants to. I assume that the government breaks into people's homes and goes through their underwear drawers. It's the government; that's what governments do.
And only gets better
Does it sometimes seem to you that the government is being run by retired athletic directors?
. . .But seriously, can you envision a terrorist picking up the New York Times and saying, "My God, men, the government may have been listening in to our telephone calls. Quick, let's find another way to communicate."
I agree with him about the government doing what governments do. Perhaps I'm paranoid, but as a poster in our house used to say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you. The government with eavesdropping technology is like a monkey locked in a room with a typewriter--eventually they're going to use it. They may not use it well, and they may not use it for good purposes, but they're going to use it.

I also agree with him that all the furor is the administration's way of saying, "Look, a shiny thing!" That may have worked with Curious George, and it may have worked for the first coupla' years, but Rove is going to have to learn a new set of tricks to distract us from their insurmountable ineptitude if he wants to keep his job and stay out of jail.

It's worth a read, as are most of the columnists in the Chron. They're the real reason to read the Chron at all, unless you have no other way to get your wire reports and local news.

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