Thursday, January 05, 2006


In the spirit of the Colbert Report, the word today is "sore."

Perhaps someone who is more medically inclined can explain why I'm always more sore two days after a sporting event than I am one day after it. Whatever the reason, today is day two after the first game of the 2006 ASCD volleyball season. We play in the Alexandria city league, which apparently attracts giants and ex-Olympians, if our first game is any indication.

I spent a lot of time falling to my knees, half the time was to attempt to get a ball, the other half of the time was to pray that the game would end quickly and mercilessly (just give me a cigarette and a blindfold and put me in front of the wall), and the third half of the time was just falling down. As a result, I went to Target last night to get kneepads--now that the cows are gone, might as well get that barn door closed and latched--and this morning I can barely walk up or down stairs. Or stand up or sit down.

Yes, it's really pleasant. Sports are so much fun.

And what is the deal with that? Was I just too stupid to recognize the pain when I was younger, or was I more limber (doubt it), resilient, made of softer stuff? I played about the same clumsy way that I did when I was younger...What's the deal?

I am, however, not as sore as our contractor, who is putting in our floor. For unknown reasons, she has been getting this wicked joint inflammation that knocks her flat. She couldn't work on Monday, and was able to finish up the hallway and bathroom door yesterday (see picture--and our house is not that green--that's just dim morning light and a camera phone conspiring to make it look that way) and start scraping the parquet out of the kid's bedroom, but still sounded pretty rough. Not a good job to have joint pain in. Feeling as I do, which is, I'm sure, not half of what she is feeling, since my pain is really isolated in my quads, I sympathize deeply. It's actually kind of nice to have a break from moving all of our crap from one room to another, not to mention having to find space for it in that other room too.

Mama is doing OK this morning, but she still gets some queasiness, especially on the Metro. I'm still driving her to King Street, but I do want to get back on my bike sometime this year, so we talked about that this morning. I'm not willing to start riding to work if it will make it rougher on her, and so I'm going to wait and keep talking about it and play it by ear. I don't think that I'd start before the floor is done anyway, just so I can have the car here in case I need to go home and answer any questions or do anything related to that. If I don't start riding to work, I can certainly set up the trainer and start riding that, which will be easier than all the arrangements needed to ride in to work. Mama has found that chewing gum on the Metro does help, as does stripping off her coat to prevent overheating. I, of course, encourage her to stay home if she's feeling queasy, but she insists on going in. I suppose that it's something that she's gotten used to, as much as possible, and will be glad to be rid of when the baby gets here.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    You know you're going to get a tow-behind for the bike once you have a baby to bring along on trips, so why not get something already that you can tow Mama in? Then you can take her as far as King Street and still get in your morning ride.

    Even Arnie uses a sidecar, right?

  2. And see where that got him?