Monday, January 16, 2006

this little piggy went to market

Nothing much to say about Friday other than that it was a beautiful day to be outside. Too bad,then, that we were both working all day, but it was still a beautiful evening. Rather than stay up late enjoying the unseasonably warm weather or, say, watching our latest flick from Netflix (Hotel Rwanda), we went to bed pretty early because we knew that we were getting up early on Saturday.

We had agreed to go to yoga in Del Ray with Deborah and Dave, to check out the studio and see if we wanted to keep going or look for another one. Mama is the force behind all of this, since yoga's a nice, gentle way to get exercise while she's pregnant. I'm more than willing to go along since it's been months since I was last on my bike, and I'm never close to limber enough--tense and cramped is one way to describe it. Deborah and Dave expressed interest, and they just moved to Del Ray, so that all works out.

We also wanted to check out the Alexandria farmer's market, which we had talked about doing with the Liberal Banana after reading her post on her resolutions for the new year, so we asked her if she would like to go with us to the market first. She's our neighbor who babysits Barky even when he doesn't need it, like on Friday, when she had the day off and asked if she could kidnap him for the day, take him on a walk, then keep him at he place while she cleaned and did day off things. Of course we agreed; he loves her, especially after Thanksgiving, during which he spent most of his time either sleeping on her couch or begging under the table, and she's got the blog posts and pictures to prove it.

However for us to get to the market with LB in time to shop, then get over to yoga, we would have to leave our place at 8 a.m.--which, of course, means that we would have to have Barky fed, walked, and watered by then too.

On a Saturday.

This had better be a good market.

As you can see from the pics here and on LB's blog, there was almost no market at Market Square. I suppose we'll try again in March. Not that we'll be able to get up any later then. The market runs from 5-10 a.m.

That was one early rising little piggy.

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