Monday, January 30, 2006


Due to overwhelming popular demand, or one request in a comment, whichever came first, I've posted a movie of Brother #2's Roomba in action, so you can see it move around, hear how loud (or quiet) it is, and so forth.

If it's not in the right format, or doesn't play, or if you've got a hangnail that's really bothering you, I probably can't do you much good, since I'm only posting what I got from B#2. However, a comment here might be seen by him and he could maybe help you out.

Or not.

Bonne chance, mes amis.

[UPDATE: This is a big file, and will take a leeeetle while to download, so open it in another window, perhaps. . .take a deep breath or two, perhaps. . .get some coffee, perhaps ('cause that'll calm you down while you wait). . .again, good luck.]


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Took all of 15 secs to download, what u dont think we alls gots broadband here in Graceland? Is this a set it and forget device ie could I turn it on when going to work?? How about the roomba mop anyone tried that??

  2. So sorry, King. Thought that you shot up your broadband connection when you got angry after running out of peanut butter. I kept trying to download it here (this is a full service blog, we test almost everything when we're sober and bored), and it kept barfing. Brother #2 hasn't tried the Scooba (which just begs for a smaller version named Scrappa), but he's thinking about it since he knows that the Roomba works now. He got his refurbished by the way, so you might look into that to save some cabbage. (Is the Scooba shipped in a smoke-filled van?)