Tuesday, January 10, 2006

We got the beat, yeah

A coupla' days ago, on January 9, we heard from the baby for the first time--we heard the baby's heartbeat. It was more GoGo's than Laurie Anderson (we won't even talk about the sun coming up like a big bald head).

They told us that they would listen for it and were sure that we would be able to hear it (last time Mama went, they tried to hear it, but baby was too small), so I came all geeked up. I downloaded a free voice recorder program for my Treo and tested it to make sure that it works and saves files, transfers them to the computer, and so on. Sure enough, after introducing himself and talking with us for awhile, the doc pulled out the microphone and put it on Mama's belly.

It took a second, but he located the right spot and we could hear baby's heartbeat. He just listened for a few seconds, said, "OK," and then turned it off. I have to admit that even though I'd geeked up in preparation I felt a little geeky asking him to put it back on so that I could record it on my phone to share, and I told him as much when I asked if he would. He laughed and said that I certainly wasn't the first to make that request, and told us about a woman who sent recordings to the father, who was a sailor, at sea for the first six months of her pregnancy.

And no, there's nothing more to tell from the heartbeat than that there is a heartbeat and it sounds strong, according to the doc. You can't discern gender, hair color, or handedness from it. Knowing that it's there and working away is enough.

On a technical note, now that I've figured out how to post audio files that I can link to (and now that I have a recorder on my Treo), I'll try to capture anything else that we hear from baby--although until July, it's going to be the same heartbeat. As for pictures, you'll have to wait until March, after the ultrasound.

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