Friday, January 06, 2006

Where's winter?

Don't get me wrong. As a California boy, I'm fine with temperate winters. I don't need to develop frostbite as I walk the 30 paces from my building to the car ro know that it's winter. The shorter days are bad enough; there's no need to heap it on with things like wind chill, ice storms, sleet, and "wintery mix" (which I think should be reserved either for a great new red and green drink that keeps you warm by the fire or Dr. Demento's Christmas novelty collection--those are some wintery mixes I can support).

Nonetheless, this winter hasn't given even a hint of the season down here--again, I'm not complaining--and you can see what it's done for Daphne's snowman up in Vermont.

Maybe with these new globally-warmed winters, sponsored by Exxon and the Bush administration (one of which I believe sprung fully formed from the other's head), more people will move out of California, back to these formerly icy locales that they fled, and the Golden State will once again be nice (and perhaps even affordable).

This seems like it might be a faster and more permanent solution than the only other one I could envision (that doesn't involve a massive earthquake)--that, like a bar or club, nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded. (cue "To Dream the Impossible Dream")

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