Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Brother #2, such a nice guy

What would a nice guy do after reading about my travails attempting to post my snow photos over the weekend?

I'm sure that you're thinking, "Why, he would send you an e-mail describing the spectacular 80 degree weather that he's enjoying out in California, where it's so hot and dry that they're having trouble with forest fires."

OK, let's be clear about something: they can call these forest fires if they want to, but we all know that there are no trees in the OC.

Strip malls, yes.
Freeways, yes.
Cookie cutter houses, yes.

Trees? No.

Sure, there are the palm trees that they rip out of the desert and use to decorate the entrances and fringes of gated communities and malls, but even if they all burst into flames at once, it wouldn't be a forest fire. It would be an interesting news item, but not a forest fire.

Oh, and that nice brother would probably also drop in a mention of his Dashboard temperature widget, which points out that while I'm typing on a folding keyboard attached to a phone that's smaller than a Chiclet, he's using a real computer. A new one. Relatively speaking, I suppose, but still...newer than our old iBook, which struggles to respond when we've got iPhoto and iTunes going at the same time.

Yeah, that's what a nice guy, like Brother #2 would do. I'm sure that the snow karma isn't gonna get him as he drives through the Siskyous this weekend. Nope. Never happen.

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