Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dog days

Barky had great time in the new snow, even though it was up to his...belly for most of the walk. He loves snuffling down through the snow for whatever smells are underneath, bounding along, and exploring a new world.

The walks hadn't been shoveled when we were out, but nobody else was out except the occasional bus and private snowplow, so we just walked in the road, which was a big hit with Barky, who always wants to spring out into the road.

He was a little disappointed that I didn't unclip the leash and let him run wild in the street, but he's always disappointed that we only unclip the leash at home.

Mama took him out later, when the walks were cleared, and went around the lake down in the park, which was a big hit, according to Mama.

Tomorrow will be another story, since Barky is a real powder hound. He doesn't like iced over, crusty, or packed crunchy snow--no groomers for Barky. Fortunately, the walks and roads are clear, so he'll have somewhere to walk.

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