Saturday, February 25, 2006

Latex? Silicone? Orthodontic?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a child are all complex by nature. Just looking at Baby Boy's tiny little bones, brain, and organs during the ultrasound was overwhelming. It's almost unbelievable that all of those parts could form and arrange themselves so perfectly.

But it's not enough that we have to keep track of Baby himself; product manufacturers have endeavored to make selecting even the most basic of products as difficult as possible. For example, I just turned the page in the Babies R Us catalog and I found this list:

* Naturally Shaped Nipples
* Orthodontic Nipples
* Traditional Nipples
* Anti-Vacuum Nipples
* Multi-Flow Nipples
* Slotted, Multi-Flow Nipples
* Silicone Nipples
* Latex Nipples

Ever wonder why it seems like we don't have as much free time as our parents did? It's because we spend that time trying to figure out what the difference is between an Anti-Vacuum Nipple and a Slotted, Multi-Flow Nipple.

No wonder the first sentence of their catalog reads, "You're expecting a baby, and while you're overjoyed you may also be a bit overwhelmed."

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