Friday, February 24, 2006

My Peeps

Those are the Dutch, my peeps, representin' at the Olympics.

Yo, my peeps, s'up with the orange feather boas, bathrobes, and floppy hat with birds? Have you no shame?

Apparently not.

I get the drink, yell, repeat cycle. I'm a big fan of that--I was raised watching that at Stanford games. But the orange? I mean, I get it with the history and all, but why couldn't we have had Erik the Red? I like red.

Besides, your flag is now red, white, and blue. My beard is red. Well, the parts that haven't turned white are still red. Although it's more of a copper color, to be honest. I suppose you could say that it's a bit orangish. There's just no escaping history and heritage, is there?

I suppose that orange it is, my peeps. I'll be here, on the couch, representin' with my beard.


  1. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I am SO confused. Where do the Netherish practice downhill? Bobsledding? Luge? I've been there. Stand on a dike and you can see all the way to the Alps. Sure, figure skating, Hans Brinker and all--they're a shoo-in for gold. And maybe ice sailing. But what other sports do they send a team for?

  2. Practicing the skills is a bit rough in the land down under--as in "the land down under the sea," which is where the Netherish live. However, they do have the edge in aerodynamics since they don't have to rent out a wind tunnel when they want to test their gear--they can just step outside and check it.