Monday, February 27, 2006

Not Groovy, But Safe

We must really be having a baby, because this weekend we bought a car seat, which is our first item that is undeniably for the baby. All of our other prep work, such as painting the house, we could write off to general home improvements, but there's no reason for us to get a car seat unless we're having a baby. (Or to take space away from Barky, whose preferred position in the backseat is stretched out with the tip of his nose touching one door and the tip of his tail touching the opposite door--but that would just be mean, and we're not mean.)

Following the advice from Baby Bargains (if you're expecting and you don't have this book, you really need to get one today...two, if you're prone to losing books), we got an infant-only seat, which means that when Baby Boy is over 22" long or 50 (I think) pounds, we have to get a new seat. There are seats that are convertible, so you can use the same one for a longer time, but Mama did all kinds of reading and determined that this is the best one for us because it fits our car, our budget, our needs, etc.

We didn't intend to get the fancy print on the fabric, but Target is out of the generic version (navy blue fabric with some little pattern on it), so we got this, which is $10 more, due to the added cuteness. Or something.

What I would have paid more for is a really groovy seat like the one that DaddyTypes found in an old VW catalog. Of course I would; my parents got a VW bus because my porta-crib would fit in the back, so I could hang out in my crib while we drove around. Hey, I survived.

On the other hand, our Baby Boy Bradstein has a much better chance of surviving a wreck, including one at the end of a high-speed police chase, in the car seat we got him. (Yes, that is our model that they're pulling out of that car.)

How can car seats do that? Who makes them? What are they made of? Find out, Curious George.

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