Thursday, February 16, 2006

Portrait of Mama and Baby

Due to popular demand--a coupla' requests--here's a picture of Mama and Baby. We'll get a closer look at Baby on the 22nd, when we go for our first and possibly only ultrasound. Yes, we'll post those too, if we can get them in any decent resolution.

If not, we'll take some pics of snow on the TV and post those. How would you know the difference?

I took that yesterday, I think, so that's at exactly 19 weeks, which is exactly halfway through a typical term. Sort of. A typical pregnancy is 38-40 weeks--yes, nine months is another falsehood we all learned together in health class--so either this is the halfway point, or one week from now is the halfway point. Only Baby knows, and Baby's not talking.

Although, Baby is moving around more, particularly in the evening, when Mama gets home from work and sits down. Apparently, this is fairly common. People think it might have something to do with Baby getting rocked to sleep by her motion through the day, then waking up when she finally stops moving when she gets home. We'll see what happens tonight in yoga. Baby apparently is also rockin' and rollin' at other times. Just yesterday I got this message:

On the is getting more active...
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Now, if I get one from Baby's BlackBerry I'll be a little worried. Or proud, as a geekish sort of Papa.


  1. Baby on the blackberry -- too funny! Mama's looking rather far along! MAYBE IT'S TWINS??

    :-) Hee hee... Sorry, like you don't have enough to worry about!

  2. Actually, when the doc said that there was an extra bump in Baby's heartbeat at the last appointment, my first thought was, "Twins?"

    We'll see at the ultrasound, but she didn't mention that as a possible explanation.

    The doc did say that the size of Mama's uterus is right on target for her stage of pregnancy, so it's not looking like twins, but the ultrasound will say for sure.