Monday, February 13, 2006

Tell me why...

I hate Mondays.

It has something to do with

  • writing a half dozen posts (painstakingly on the phone, with the dysfunctional keyboard, by the way) that include a dozen or so photos that I took while walking Barky through the early morning blizzard
  • posting them to Blogger
  • getting confirmations that they were all successfully posted
  • finding this morning that they weren't successfully posted
  • and that 90 percent of the photos never made it onto the blog
  • and that Palm's software that claims to back up images from the Treo to the PC doesn't do that all the time (except when it makes 110 copies of a series of images that have to be deleted manually)
  • and that now Blogger's photo upload software is broken, although they don't know it
  • as is Blogger's publishing software
You might say that I shouldn't bite the hand--Blogger--that feeds--or publishes--me, but they're not coming through with the food, so I'm not really losing anything. My frustration can't last that long, since I know that it's a free service.

You pay for what you get.

Makes me think about switching to a Six Apart blog solution, although they've had their problems too, even for their paying customers.

Sometimes, you pay for what you don't get.

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