Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things that are broken

After struggling--again--last night to get various elements of technology to work so that I could post some new entries I just gave up and went to bed. I really wanted to write a long ranting post about all the broken parts of all the items that are broken, but I couldn't, of course, because I had no way to do so.

Ah, the sweet ironies of life.

Given that

  • it would take too long (read: something would break before I was done with the rant)
  • rants are a dime a dozen and in somewhat poor form
  • karma is indeed instant (see previous posts for details)
I have decided to simply list, periodically, those items that are letdowns. I hope that this will serve the cathartic function of the rant without taking up all the time or generating all the negative vibes that a rant does. Did I write "negative vibes"? Yes, yes I did. I'm a Californian. I'm allowed.

Without further ado, here's the first list of everything that is broken:
  • Blogger: photo uploads from the phone
  • Blogger: photo uploads directly through the online editor.
  • Blogger: publishing engine.
  • Blogger: API (Rather than using a standard API, as Six Apart does, they have their own, which prevents development of software that would bypass their online editor.)
  • Treo 650: headphone jack.
  • PalmOne infrared (universal) keyboard: everything.
  • PalmOne HotSync: everything.
See, I feel better already, and now that I look at the list, I realize that there really aren't that many things that are broken. . .it's just that all the items I need to continue moblogging are broken. As a result, I may
  • not be posting as often as before
  • switch the blog to another service (meaning that you'll have to update your bookmarks and feed reader settings)
  • have to buy a new keyboard
My only other keyboard option right now is a bluetooth keyboard, which is more money, but we'll be able to use it with our new iMac when we get that, so we can blog without even having to get out of bed. . .and as the bloggers slogan goes, less work is more time to slack.

If the keyboard's not broken, that is.

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